How HATCH was hatched.

Every year talented students and young professionals fall through the industry cracks because they don’t have the right network connections or are trapped by the internship catch-22 of not being able to get experience without previous experience. Discussing this reality back on a cold January night over a couple martinis (the catalyst for many a big idea), Hunt Adkins decided it was time for a change. It became Hunt Adkins’ mission to create opportunity for ANYONE that was willing to work for it.

Days later, in January 2015, HATCH was born.


HATCH is a four-week pop-up agency designed to provide real-world experience, opportunity and executive mentorship to aspiring creative, uninhibited problem solvers. Sign-up is offered exclusively each year at the Ad2 Midwest Student Advertising Summit, host to hundreds of 18- to 24-year-olds looking to get into the business. 



Hunt Adkins is uncompromising when it comes to our pursuit of greatness. Every day we have one simple objective to fulfill our purpose: puncture the autopilot with provocative, heart- and mind-bending creations. It is our goal to identify, inspire, teach and connect with those that are like-minded to ensure success for the future of our industry.